Quicklub® Lubrication Systems

The Lincoln Quicklub® system is designed to provide a method of centralizing or automating the lubrication of machinery bearings. Quicklub can be a simple, centralized system with lubricant supplied manually from a lever gun. Quicklub can also be a fully automated system with lubricant supplied by 12VDC and 24VDC electric or pneumatic pumps.

More detail can be found in the Lincoln Quicklub® Lubrications Systems Catalogue

Quicklub P203 pumps

The Lincoln Quicklub pump is the standard lubrication pump for all applications. Quicklub pumps supply small to mid-sized machines and systems with up to 250 lube points.

More detail can be found in the Quicklub P203 Pump Catalogue

Lincoln P 205 centralized lubrication pump

The P 205 high-pressure, multi-line pump can supply lubricant directly to lubrication points or can be used as a centralized lubrication pump in large-sized progressive systems. It can drive up to five elements, which are available in varying sizes for optimum adjustability.

More detail can be found in the Lincoln P205 Catalogue

Lincoln P 502 Lubricant supply pump

P 502 is a simple, small and compact lubricant supply pump. It can be used to provide progressive centralized lubrication systems or also a maximum of two lubrication points individually with lubricant.

More detail can be found in the Lincoln P502 Pump Catalogue

Quicklub® Parts Catalogue

Progressive Centralized Lubrication Systems for Commercial Mineral Oils with Minimum 40 mm²/s (cST) and Greases up to NLGI Grade 2

Full details of Quicklub® Parts can be found in the Lincoln Quicklub Parts Catalogue

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