Oil Control

Pressure Hydraulics & Controls and Rexroth Oil Control & Oil Sistem

Rexroth Oil Control & Oil Sistem are integral parts of Rexroth having been acquired over the last ten years or so. Oil Sistem produces a range of mini and micro power units. Oil Sistem was acquired by the Oil Control Group, which was later taken over by Rexroth to become Rexroth Bosch Oil Control Group. The focus is on Mobile and Compact Hydraulics that Pressure Hydraulics & Controls can supply as required.

Rexroth Compact Hydraulics

To extend the capabilities of hydraulic equipment, Bosch Rexroth offers a complete range of priority flow controls and flow diverters for compact hydraulics. Flow diverters, also known as circuit selectors, are available as 3- or 6-way single valves but can also be banked to create up to 14 configurations. Flow diverters can extend hydraulic control capabilities by allowing operators to control multiple operations through a single directional valve.

Rexroth Mobile Hydraulics

Rexroth’s components and solutions for mobile applications help manufacturers to meet the toughest emission regulations, increasing productivity and reliability at the same time. Shifting more and more functionalities into our controls software reduces complexity and enables regional design, manufacturing and customer specific variants.

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