Gear Pumps from our UK HQ in Liverpool

Danfoss BU Gears

  • Five families of aluminium gear pumps, (Groups 0.5,1,2, 3 and 4)
  • Three families of aluminium gear motors, (Groups 1, 2 and 3)
  • A range of cast iron units (Group 2.5), capacities ranging from 0.25cc/rev to 194.3cc/rev.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Gear Pumps and Motors

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Gear pumps and motors, in Group 3 & 4. This product is designed and rated for more arduous duty in mobile and static installations. Displacements are from 10cc up to 150cc, and pressures up to 300 bar.

BM Series Orbital Motors – Low Speed High Torque

We can offer thousands different orbital motors with different sizes, shafts, mounting flange and ports, covering small to large, medium to heavy-duty needs. The motors vary in size.

  • Rated displacement from 8cm³ to 985cm³ per revolution.
  • Speeds range up to 1950rpm.
  • Max peak pressure is up to 280bar.

Contacts for our Gear Pumps / Orbit Motors Division

Paul Curtin – Sales Manager (Cork)
Tel: +353 (0)87 9296687

Richard Carey – Sales Manager (Carlow)
Tel: +353 (0)87 6705131

Trevor Pritchard – Product Development Manager for gear pumps (Dungannon)
Tel: +44 (0)777 4212721

Neill Dixon – OEM Sales / Technical Support Manager
Tel: +44 (0)7780 398388

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