Hrngst Filtration

Hengst Filtration

Pressure Hydraulics & Controls we are the only Official Competence Partner for Hengst Filtration Gmbh (Formerly Rexroth Filtration) for all of Ireland and also a partner in the UK. Hengst offers a complete range of high-tech filters and filter elements that satisfy the highest standards. You will find the matching solution for all your filtration needs: from hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils to industrial fluids and gases.

Hengst Industrial Filters

Move, cool, lubricate: Always within normal parameters

Coarse and fine chips, high temperatures, extreme pressure conditions: Plant automation sets ever stricter standards for the purity of the operating fluid as the requirements on the precision and productivity of the manufacturing process continue to grow.

Hengst Mobile Hydraulic

Mobile hydraulic – Clean under all types of conditions

Arctic temperatures, tropical heat, extreme contamination from dust and dirt, salty coastal air or continual rainfall: Often subjected to extremely harsh environmental conditions, mobile work machinery designed for use in farming, at the construction site or as materials handling equipment is in special need of high-performance filter technology.

Hengst Contact Details

Contact Details

Phone +353 (0)21 4978787

Phone +44 (0)151 315 0020

Or any of the PHC team for full details.

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