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Basic Hydraulics Course (Code: MH)

  • To impart a basic understanding of maintenance hydraulics
  • To increase the knowledge of personnel who are actively engaged on the repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • To allow participants to become familiar with fluid power technologies such as pump flow, cylinder speed, forces and pipe sizes

1. Aims

  1. Introduce basic hydraulic theory in a practical way
  2. To increase the knowledge of personnel in maintenance and fault-finding techniques associated with hydraulic systems
  3. To enable participants to understand their specific hydraulic installation and circuit diagrams
  4. To gain hands-on experience of building, fault-finding and optimising hydraulic circuits using our range of specially designed training rigs
  5. To introduce participants to proportional control, optimising and fault-finding

2. Itinerary

Day one

  • Basic hydraulic principles
  • Hydraulic symbols and circuit notations
  • Pressure control valves and associated circuitry
  • Relief valves and pressure reducing valves
  • Sequence valves and counter balance/over centre valves
  • Flow control valves and associated circuitry
  • Simple throttle valves
  • Pressure/temperature compensated units
  • Direction control valves and associated circuitry
  • Direct operated spool valves
  • Two stage spool valves
  • Poppet valves and logic cartridge elements

Day two

  • Check valves – type and applications
  • Pump and pump control systems
  • Pump types and operating principles
  • Methods of control/application
  • Accumulator types and application
  • Hydraulic motors and actuators
  • Type and operating principles
  • Methods of control and application

Day three

  • Total cleanliness control
  • Hydraulic fluids, good housekeeping
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting techniques
  • Practical hands-on exercises


Jim Hickey – Managing Director
Mobile: +353 (0)87 2782348

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