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Our three day courses covering industrial hydraulics and controls will help you and your team develop skills and expertise within maintenance hydraulics and proportional systems, including:

  • hydraulic components
  • systems
  • methods of control
  • pro-active maintenance
  • fault finding and solving
  • Are you a plant engineer, technician, craftsman or you work in a maintenance environment?
  • Are you looking for refresher training in hydraulics and controls?

Ideal candidates will have some knowledge/experience in the following:

  • Basic hydraulic principles that underpin all hydraulic systems
  • Relationship between, pressure, flow force, torque, speed, pump size, motor size and cylinder dimensions
  • Be able to read and interpret circuit diagrams using current symbols
  • Know the function and operation of relief valves, sequence valves and pressure reducing valves
  • Know the principle of pressure compensation relating to flow control
  • Know the principle of operation of check valves and sliding spool valves
  • Know the principle of operation of gear, vane and piston pumps
  • Know the different characteristics of oils and the aspects of contamination control
  • Know what accumulators are used for
  • A basic understanding of proportional control and basic electrical theory
  • A basic appreciation of pump testing and component settings up procedures
  • Appreciate the requirements of risk management

Training locations

At our premises: Pressure Hydraulics & Controls, Little Island Industrial Estate, Little Island, Co.Cork, T45 EH31, Ireland.


Jim Hickey – Managing Director
Mobile: +353 (0)87 2782348

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