Pressure Hydraulics & Manuli Hydraulics

Manuli Hydraulics is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fully integrated hydraulic connector solutions. Their globally renowned reputation, developed over our 85 year history, is one which few other companies can match, as each and every Manuli Hydraulics product is designed to integrate seamlessly with a carefully selected range of complimentary products, making them some of the most reliable and efficient solutions on the market.

Manuli GHP

Hydraulic Hoses

The Manuli Hydraulics range of hydraulic hoses is divided into 3 categories based on the hose performance. These categories are:

  • Global Standard – Hoses which meet the international specifications
  • Hi-Grade – High performance range of hoses for demanding applications, including both isobaric and traditional families
  • Premium – Hoses designed for the utmost performance and specific applications


Hydraulic Fittings

In order to allow the range of crimped fitting solutions to suit almost any application, Manuli Hydraulics also offers a huge range of termination end options. Almost every possible termination end used in hydraulic systems is available off-the-shelf, producing over 12,000 standard references across the portfolio.

Manuli Hydraulics offers both two-piece and one-piece fitting solutions, as well as skive and no-skive options.

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