Pressure Hydraulics & Controls and Voss Larga

VOSS Fluid S.r.l. was founded in Italy under the name LARGA and has been part of the internationally successful VOSS Group since 2016. Their product portfolio includes a versatile range of hydraulic components such as tube couplings and hose fittings that are developed and manufactured in high quality. Pressure Hydraulics and Controls is a distributor of Voss Larga products in Ireland.

Larga Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings

  • Complete range of pipe fittings with double edge cutting ring with metal and soft sealing.
  • Larga s.r.l patented soft sealing solution LL7 in
  • Viton® for the most guaranteed leak proof solution.

Hose couplings

Full range of ferrules and couplings for wire braided and multispiral hose (standard and interlock range) testing and approvals of Larga product with all the hoses of the major worldwide manufacturers.

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