Pressure Hydraulics Commercials

Pressure Hydraulics & Controls are delighted to announce that we are expanding our business into the area of commercial hydraulics for transport systems. This will add synergies to our existing businesses, expand our customer base, thereby allowing our combined entity being stronger than either of the individual businesses would be standing on their own. This new division within the PHC group will operate under the name “Pressure Hydraulics Commercials” and we look forward to offering our customers quality products and services from a single source, supported by our strong global brand network.

Rexroth Truck Pumps now ex-stock.

PHC now stocks the full range of the Rexroth A17 and A18 piston pumps:
A17: 23cc, 32cc, 45cc, 63cc, 80cc, 107cc & 125cc.
A18: 55cc, 80cc & 107cc.

  • High-pressure pump for use in commercial vehicles
  • Sizes 23 to 107 (23cc, 32cc, 45cc, 63cc, 80cc, 107cc & 125cc).
  • Nominal pressure/maximum pressure 350/400 bar
  • Bent-axis design
  • Open circuit

OMFB Partners


Pressure Hydraulics Commercials is delighted to be an official Sales Partner for OMFB for all of Ireland. PHC now offer the full range of:

  • PTO’s
  • Gear Pumps & Piston Pumps
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Pneumatic Controls

SKF Lincoln Lubrication

PHC & SKF Lincoln

Thousands of trucks, buses and commercial vehicles around the world operate more reliably and efficiently because of SKF and Lincoln automatic lubrication systems. By delivering precise amounts of lubricant to critical moving components, automatic lubrication systems provide significant benefits to fleet owners and drivers.

Commercials HYDAC


HYDAC provides filters, coolers and condition monitoring units to condition the fluid and monitor fluid condition. This ensures that fluid problems which can lead to system faults or a complete breakdown, will be detected in good time and rectified. You save unnecessary maintenance and repair costs and profit from the fact that maintenance expenditure is optimised.

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