Pressure Hydraulics & Controls and Schabmüller

Schabmüller produce electric motors and pumps. Comprehensive competence paired with best performance are the two outstanding features of their fourth-generation specialist company for electric machines, electric motors and pump systems.

Schabmüller Products

  • Asynchronous motors/generators
  • Permanent magnet motors/PMSM generators
  • Synchronous reluctance motors/generators
  • Direct current motors/generators
  • Electrical components for hybrid solutions
  • Drive systems

Schabmüller offers you a complete range of electrical drive solutions for various applications.

Drive Systems

Complete drive systems with gearbox (as wheel hub gearbox), vertical drives or axle systems, with wheel loads up to 4,000kg, and wheel diameters up to 406mm. The power ranges are up to 10kW at battery voltages of 24 to 80V.

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