Wimbledon Retractable Roof

Precision control is a smash hit at Wimbledon.

When the All England Tennis and Croquet Club made the decision to install a retractable roof over the Centre Court at Wimbledon, they envisaged a hydraulic solution.

However, following a design review with Moog, an electric solution was developed.

Wimbledon need a solution to provide an electric solution capable of moving over 1000 Tonnes of steel above 15,000 people, within a tolerance of =/- 12.5mm over a span of 75 metres!

Moving these two sections of roof, and be capable of moving 10 “trusses” each wieghing 100 tonnes, Moog provided Brushless Servomotors, Electric Actuators, Servodrives, Servocontrollers, Control Panels, and Main Control Desk, SCADA and Data Logging, Design, Specification Development, Engineering and services, including dynamic modelling, commissioning and future service and support.